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Annah Sango, Zimbabwe

In celebration of the #WhatWomenWant [campaign], launched by ATHENA working with UNAIDS. A dear friend and colleague inspired and challenged me to really think and write about what i would want, and wow it’s amazing how you might take almost an hour to think of what you would want as woman.

What do I want? Well, firstly i want good health and wellbeing, to be happy and healthy enough live life to my full potential. I want my sons to learn how to love and respect other people without prejudice.

I want to not be judged for the decisions and choices I make and I don’t want to feel bad about making me happy. I want peace of mind and I want liberation.

I  want reassurance and safety, equality and equity. An opportunity, a chance to live free of stigma, segregation, judgement, and coercion.

In a few words I want to be liberated in deed, speech and being!

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